Renicks Family Market

2007 Bluegrass Jamboree

14080 St. Rt. 23  ~  Ashville, Ohio  ~  740-983-3096

10 miles south of Columbus   1 mile north of South Bloomfield

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14 - Bluegrass Disciples (Bluegrass Gospel)

15 - Sterling Bluegrass Boys (Bluegrass)
21 - J. J. Goodtime Band (Bluegrass)
22 - Sonny and June Carpenter (Country)
23 - Original Country (Country)
29 - Lonesome Meadows (Bluegrass)





1 - Sterling Bluegrass Boys (Bluegrass)
2 - Gospel Cadence (Bluegrass Gospel)

8 - Dakota (Country)
9 - Bluegrass Ramblers (Bluegrass)
15 - Original Country (Country)
16 - Lonesome Meadows (Bluegrass)
22-  New Jerusalem (Bluegrass Gospel)
23 - Country Express (Country)

29 - J & J Goodtime Bank (Bluegrass)

30 - Fine Pickers (Bluegrass)

4 - Country Express (Country)
5 - Coleman Family (Bluegrass Gospel)
11 - Bluegrass Ramblers (Bluegrass)
12 - June and Sonny Carpenter (Country)
18 - Dakota (Country)
19 - Sterling Bluegrass Boys (Bluegrass)
25 - New Grass (Bluegrass)
Open - 26 - Caney Creek (Bluegrass)

6 - Caney Creek (Bluegrass)
7 - Sterling Bluegrass Boys (Bluegrass)

13 - Sonny and June Carpenter (Country)
14 - Bluegrass Disciples (Bluegrass Gospel)
20 - Appreciation Day - Several Bands will be here!
21 - Coleman Family (Bluegrass Gospels)


Saturday and Sunday 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Free Admission

If you plan on staying for the jamboree please bring a lawn chair
Good food available 1 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Roasted Sweet Corn + Hotdogs + Grilled Steve Evans Sausage

+ Dessert + Drinks + Chips

Some Notes about our Bands
These bands have been requested back by popular demand! New Jerusalem and the Coleman Family are two talented gospel family bands. Each have young children performing which I'm sure you will enjoy!

The Country bands Dakota & Country Express, Original Country, Sonny & June Carpenter are excellent and include some good oldies.

Gospel Cadence and the Bluegrass Disciples are some of the best Gospel groups around!

Of course if you like good old foot stomping bluegrass you can't beat the fine bands we have coming back this year, Sterling Boys, Caney Creek, Uptown Bluegrass, J & J Goodtime Band, Lonesome Meadows, New Grass, and Flee Pickers. Each and everyone is unique so come for a "Must Hear" best of bluegrass at Renicks Market this Summer & Fall!
We strive to pick some of the best bands and fine people. Please give us your comments!  CLICK HERE